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The Wonders Energies and Orbs







Breathe… relax and let the door to your heart open and enter in.  Be willing to let go of any preconceived notions you may have.  What I am about to share with you are my truths and the truths of countless others. 



Although many of us are unable to see other worldly beings, angels and loved ones who have crossed over, we believe they exist.  My open heart allows me to see these extraordinary energies through my camera lens.   They present in the shape of spheres (orbs) or other various forms (energies).  It is my wish that these photographs inspire you to discover and see the beauty of energy that is all around us. 


The energies or orbs are manifestations of a consciousness, spiritual beings, not limited to angels, masters, elementals, animal spirits and even those who have crossed.  We are not separate from them; they reside in a different frequency.  They are here to share their stories, messages and emotions with us.  The photos encourage us to think of spirit and appreciate the connection available to us.  The orbs and energies bring with them the purest Divine Energy, and are an invitation for us to expand our awareness.  My photos hold their messages and emotions.  The colors in them are vibrant, magical, and alive.  Be open while you study each photo and allow the feeling of each to enter your heart.  Look for the message a photo may hold for you.  


From my heart to yours, enjoy the adventure!



Note to reader:


All my photographs are taken using basic point and shoot digital cameras without the use of a flash, filters, special effects or special settings.  Processing and development of the photos is done without any enhancements. The true integrity of each photo is maintained, allowing just the raw, natural energies to be seen and printed.



Please note that not all orbs in photographs are spirit energies. Some appear as result of lens flare, moisture, dust particles or other airborne particles within the viewing frame.  I have spent hours researching and identifying true spirit energies and can, with certainty, say that my photographic collection contains only authentic spirit energies and orbs.  

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