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Energies & Orbs Photo Session Information 

 The Human Eye can only see 1% of the visible light spectrum.  There is so much more going on around us that we cannot see….. My cameras capture energy frequencies that are unseen and through Gratitude, Light and Love, they are visually presented to us. It is a truly amazing experience of the heart!
 Get ready to enter into an experience of magic and wonder!  We will meet at a mutually agreed upon location, where nature abounds with its beauty and grace.  My camera will capture the essence of energies that surround you, either on your own, with loved ones or even with a pet.  Times are arranged close to  sunset for approximately one hour.  Sessions are contingent on the weather; flexible scheduling is essential. 

 Photo Sessions have an investment of $150 which includes 15 digital photos.    

♥Additional digital photos are blessings from Spirit and will be shared with you along with your guaranteed 15 digital photos if this occurs.  ​

♥Please note, at this time, sessions are available within one hour traveling time of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Are you traveling to the area? Would love to hear from you.

♥Sessions scheduled that exceed a one-hour travel time, both to and from our photo session location, may require an additional exchange for traveling expenses.

♥Sessions are scheduled all year long, seven days a week.  Beauty abounds through all seasons. A mostly sunny day with the temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit is required for our photo session together.

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